Panel Nuts

Bevel Washers -- Coming Soon

Intech's Powdered Metal Specialty & Panel Nuts are far superior to it's competition because they are available in all standard sizes and required shapes with corrosion resistance and strength without the wasted material cost and the machining time of conventionally fabricated nuts.

The powder metal advantage in specialty & panel nuts comes in four major areas.

  • The ability to form odd eccentric features such as slots and detents in a shape without secondary operations.

  • Elimination of raw material cost in creating a net shape. The larger the I.D. the higher the savings.

  • Reduction in tooling costs and machine time in removing the material in the I.D. of the nut.

  • Materials available in 300 series, 400 series, 17-4, stainless steel, monel and hastelloy.

Corrosion resistance and mechanical properties will vary based on material and processing.1000+ HRS/ ASTM B117 available.

Thread size and forms to your specifications.

Panel Nuts by Intech PM Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Panel Nuts in Stock