Engineering and Manufacturing

Intech PM Specializes in Stainless Steel Powdered Metal Parts and Components

Intech suggests early involvement in the design stages of projects to afford its customers the full advantage of our unique capabilities.

This makes it possible for Intech to recommend design changes that will create a more functional and economic design. Intech will also assist customers in the selection of materials to meet their corrosion and mechanical property requirements.

Intech P/M Stainless has complete capabilities needed to provide components to the most stringent customer specifications.

Multi-level, multi-action presses, are capable of pressing powdered metal parts up to 10 square inches of top surface area. Sintering is conducted in high temperature atmosphere or vacuum furnace conditions.

These parts are converted to improve either the cost, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance or finish. We can work with your engineering to make a successful transition and realize the benefits of the powdered metal process.


We look forward to the challenge!

See how Intech has helped many of our clients through unique solutions by visiting Intech's Case Studies.

Our powdered metal stainless steel parts and components can meet or exceed your requirements of ASTM B117 salt fog spray and ASTM B895 immersion corrosion testing.