About Us
Intech Stainless Steel Powdered Metal started in 1985 with a simple motto; "Part to Print on Time." This basic principle has endured to this day as we have grown to meet the requirements of a variety of markets. Our goal is to be our customer's number one powder metal supplier in terms of quality and delivery. Intech has been recognized by a number of industry and customer awards for design, quality, and service. Intech boasts a wide range of industry experience within our management team.

Intech has focused on corrosion resistant stainless steel components and today offers a complete line of 300 and 400 series materials, 17-4, monel and other alloys. Refer to materials section for chemical and mechanical information.

We dedicate our plant and facilities in order to eliminate contamination resulting from mixed materials in all phases of powdered metal production.

Our industry leading corrosion resistance has been certified by many customers to pass ASTM B117 salt fog spray and ASTM B895 immersion corrosion testing. If your application requires extreme corrosion resistance to red rust, pitting and crevis type corrosion then you have come to the right place!